Augmented Landscapes

2012, Photographic Print, 12 Pieces

The idea of this project rests in the issue of real-unreal in the life of contemporary people. The presence of digital equipment has increased the capacity and content of the so-called reality as well as the perception of reality. There’s the term “Augmented Reality” that refers to the incorporation of two or three dimensional virtual (unreal) object into the real (physical) world in real time.

In this project, I tried to bring the landscape photography beyond just the beauty of nature and giving emphasis on ideas and how to express them. I use landscape picture from second hand calendars (already printed) that i combine with selected found objects. The combining process is in real, without digital manipulation. I arranged the composition of the calendars and objects in such a way to achieve the image of photographic beauty and naturalness.
During the process I found myself unable to decide whether the calendars were the added reality or the other way around. My choice on using calendars is based on the fact that they represent the main mode in consumption of landscape pictures by people at large, and even other art forms (painting for instance) can also be enjoyed by people through calendars.