This series came from my 2014 residency program in Alice Springs hosted by Asia Link, Artback NT and Cemeti Art House.

In ‘Border’ I want to learn about Alice Springs as a place and it’s people’s life here, through its façade, physical appearance of the city that missed and forgotten. Human is desperately looking for a meaning in everything they found or created. Through these simple and insignificant objects, I want to know what life likes in a modern western city, in the remote location of Alice Springs.

The term ‘border’ refers to a conceptual line that divides or separates multiple aspects that exist in social life; i.e. private from public, rural to urban, us from them, necessary to disposable, lawful from criminal. ‘Borders’ exists in different shapes and manifestations; they may be a system of signs or a spatial arrangement, and they live in our consciousness, a collective understanding and social agreement.