Indonesian Family Portraits Series

This project based on one of the most “successful” state program during ‘the New Order Administration’: Keluarga Berencana (Family Planning). The main purpose of this program is about to control the national birth rate. One key idea of this program is the depiction or the concept of a perfect happy family (an Indonesian Family): a nuclear family with 2 children. During the peak of New Order reign (70’s- 90’s), in every neighborhood, every village entrance, you’ll see this Indonesian Perfect Family in the form of reliefs, statues and gates. After New Order regime fallen, the program loosing its ideological backer. The remain of this relief and statue still around the places, most of them take down during civil unrest in 1998.

In this ‘Indonesian Family Portrait Series’, I captured these reliefs and statue that still exist in Jogja and around, and present it as ‘A Family Portrait’. These relief are visual manifestation of certain ideology behind this concept of ‘Indonesian family’. From this Family Portrait, you’ll see how people translate the concept into a real work of art, into the real Indonesian family.