Langkah Kecilku Langkah Besarmu

2017, four channels video, duration 01.25 in average

This works based on one of the most “successful” state program during ‘the New Order Administration’: Keluarga Berencana (Family Planning). The main purpose of this program is about to control the national birth rate. One key idea of this program is the depiction or the concept of a perfect happy family (an Indonesian Family): a nuclear family with 2 children. One key element in this campaign was a song about the importance of the family planning called ‘Mars Keluarga Berencana’ or ‘Family Planning Anthem’ that commissioned to Bandung based song writes Mochtar Embut in early 70’s. This song spread through bureaucratic apparatus to deepest Indonesian village in 70s and 80s.

This video works are part of my recent solo show ‘A Step of Thousands Steps’ at Ark Galerie Yogyakarta that talk about government program to control it’s citizen bodies and minds and at the same time how people as individual and community follow, react, modify, ignore or resist to this program. In this videos, I ask my family to interpret and make a video clip of this song, as I have 3 daughter, one off limit than 2 children that actually campaigned by this program. Here is the song’s lyric:

Keluarga berencana sudah waktunya, Janganlah diragukan lagi, Keluarga berencana besar maknanya, Untuk hari depan nan jaya

Putra putri yang sehat, Cerdas dan kuat, Kan menjadi harapan bangsa. Ayah ibu bahagia rukun raharja, Rumah tangga tentram sentosa