On Photographic Time and Motion

Sets of 3 photographic videos on digital photo frame 

“On Photographic Time and Motion” talks about the complexity of photo and video processes, and the putative boundaries between these mediums. ‘Process’ here refers to both the capture of a reality by the observer / artist using the recorder, and its presentation before the audience. In particular, this work focuses on the logic of photography, in the tension between moving and still images. In the past, to capture movement, photographers created works with slow speeds or multiple exposures, producing images that appeared to be moving; but in fact movement with duration could not be presented due to the medium’s limitations. With the invention of digital cameras and digital photo frames, technological barriers have disappeared; photography can now show a sequence of motion over a certain duration.

Another issue is the boundary between photography and video. In this work, the observer is always in a fixed position (as in photography), but the objects recorded show minor movements. This is photography that is videographic, and a video work that is photographic. “On Photographic Time and Motion” consist 3 works that represents traditions of photography and painting: portraiture, landscape and still life.