One Man Different God

Installation of Banyan Tree, Video, and Photographs

As the oldest institution created by man, religion is still considered something important within the social agenda here (in Indonesian society).

Social pressure is very strong when dealing with religious issues, from matters of religious identity to its symbolic attributes. This is ironic thing when we admit that a person’s choice of religion is a personal matter, not one within the public domain. Incidents of people changing their religion are considered within the structure of social relationships, which involve relationships that change before and after converting to other religions.

In this project i interviewed 10 peoples who change their religion on different cause and experiences. I only can show the 7 of them on different reason. By making use of the tension between photography’s stillness and video’s motion, and a common methods using by television to hide personal identity, I want to show how changes happens within the personal level, about someone’s life journey that must keep going on, about changed identity, about changed attributes, and about the meaning of the change in his own life.