One Step Thousand Steps – ARK GALERIE

Solo exhibition of Akiq AW

Ark Galerie Yogyakarta
20 May 2017 – 18 June 2017

Family Planning (Keluarga Berencana) was a significant and most important program with primacy of attention during the New Order Era. It did not only focus on limiting the number of population, but also resulted to a structural impact: control on ideology at household (taming of the smallest political entity), and how the State’s intervention on women’s body had influential impact on the acceptance of gender’s role in society.

Akiq AW has made documentary on how the New Order propaganda lived up until today through artefact of reliefs, depicting a portrait of family, found on villages across Indonesia. Not only that those imageries raised questions on construction of what so called as ideal family concept established by the State, this project also looks at how this specific campaign became a medium to control, from an open and heterogen political field to a homogenized and uniformed public space.

Akiq AW was born in Kediri, East Java, moved and works in Yogyakarta. He is a member of MES 56 collective. His works is primarily photography, which focuses on human’s daily life and its interaction with systems, technology and innovation which human created.

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Photo by: Dhomy Marfasa